Join Us For Our Christmas Shows!

Our students have been working very hard to create a wonderful Christmas show for our parents, grandparents and any friends you would like to invite!

The shows begin at 6:45 PM and are scheduled for the following dates:

Monday, Dec. 10 Grades 1 through 4 in the Church
Tuesday, Dec. 11 Grades 5 through 8 in the Church
Wednesday, Dec. 12 Grades PK2,3,4 and Kindergarten in the Gym

We are counting on 100% student participation. Therefore, attendance is mandatory for each student for the night of their class’ scheduled performance.

St. Gregory’s Thespian Troup Results

The Junior International Thespian Society (ITS) is organized by individual troupes at participating schools. ITS is designed to be an honorary organization that recognizes and rewards excellence among the participants in the theatre arts program. Junior Thespian membership should be viewed as an honor and a goal to which participants in your theatre arts program aspire.St. Gregory is host to Junior Thespian Troup #88759, consisting of 25 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders. On November 30th and December 1st, we traveled to Bak Middle School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, FL to attend the Junior ITS District 3 Festival. District 3 consists of all troupes throughout Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We have 25 Thespians this schoolyear, all of whom traveled to the competition, and 22 of whom participated in an IE (Individual Events). IE’s include Monologues, Solo Musical, Large Group Musical, Duet Musical Theatre, Duet Acting, Pantomime, Improv, Playwriting, and more.Ratings are given by a panel of three judges per event (in successive order): Superior, Excellent, Good, and Fair. Superior and Excellent Ratings afford students the opportunity to compete at the State Level in Melbourne, FL in February. The ratings for troupe #88759 were as follows:

Sean G./Andres P.                           Improv
Monia F.                                          Monologue
Alexa H.                                          Pantomime
Jenna V.                                         Solo Musical
Victoria Y.                                      Solo Musical
Megan C.                                      Solo Musical
Jennifer R.                                   Solo Musical
Andres P.                                     Solo Musical
Alexandra O./Andres P.              Duet Musical

Thomas D.                                    Monologue
Alyssa F.                                       Monologue
Jennifer R.                                   Monologue
Grant R.                                      Monologue
Marie B.                                      Monologue
Alexandra O.                               Monologue
Alejandro A./Grant R.                  Improv
Megan C./Victoria Y.                   Improv
Sean G.                                       Pantomime
Nicholas M.                                Solo Musical
Alexa H./Christine O.                  Duet Musical
Sean G.                                      Playwriting
Kaylei B., Megan C.,
Thomas D., Dominique D.,
Alyssa F., Mariam G.,
Alexa H., Grace K.,
Nicholas M., Christie O.,
Alexandra O., Jennifer R.,
Taylor S., Bailey S.,
Jenna V., Victoria Y.                Large Group Musical

Kaylei B./Dominique D.          Duet Acting
Bailey S./Taylor S.                   Improv
Dominique D./Mariam G.         Improv
Bailey S.                                  Solo Musical