Science Olympiad Results

Science Olympiad is a science competition for middle and high school students devoted to improving the quality of science education, increasing student interest in science, and providing recognition for outstanding achievement in science education by both students and teachers. Our Science Olympiad team competed in the regional competition on February 13th against 23 middles schools. The 8th Grade team placed third in the overall regional competition.  They will compete in the state competition in Orlando on March 19th, 2016.  Below is a breakdown of the students that placed first, second, or third in their individual events.   

8th Grade team:
Bottle Rockets – 1st place – Francisco Carreras and Daniel Pardo
Disease Detectives – 1st place – Amanda Cordero and Alexandra Huber
Elastic Launch Glider – 3rd place – Chris Nosowicz and Miguel Pichardo
Mission Possible – 3rd place – Emily Hui and Kaia Fazio
Scrambler – 1st Place – Chris Nosowicz and Miguel Pichardo

7th Grade Team:

Air Trajectory – 2nd Place – Victoria Costello and Daniela Dominguez
Bio Process Lab – 3rd Place – Daniela Dominguez and Matthew Vasconcelos
Green Generation – 1st Place – Cayla Copeland and Madilene Lauder
Invasive Species – 3rd Place – Cayla Copeland and Daniela Dominguez
Mission Possible – 2nd Place – Juan Posada and Matthew Vasconcelos
Picture This – 2nd place – Cayla Copeland and Jordan Knowles


Catholic Schools Week

Grandparent’s Day was wonderful and we announced that Ralph and Candy Govin were chosen Grandparents of the Year. They represent all the grandparents in our Parish who are loving and supportive. We are proud of our students for such a wonderful performance for Grandparents Day and also for Parents Day. We thank Carla Landron our Chair of Catholic Schools Week. We thank our chairs of Grandparents Day, Mrs. Ana Tavera and Kay Morrissey, our chair of Parents Day, Mrs. Dianna Myrtidis, our Faculty Appreciation Day chairpersons, Eleno and Andrea Corbo, Leslely Rojas, Michelle Juskiewicz, Lorena Urrutia, Rachel Walters, Michelle Courtenay, Ceclia Quiroz, Tina Tarantini, Michelle Harrington, Christine Conti and Stacy Bonilla. We thank our Christmas Shop Coordinator, Mrs. Mirna Bell and our service project coordinator Mrs. Holly Tobin. Our Catholic Schools Week Faculty school representatives were Miss Elisabeth Martone, Mrs. Diana Alvarez, Mrs. Gail Rogers and Mrs. Omaida Davis. We also thank Ms. Emily Barrett and Mr. Tritto for preparing our students for their performances. Special thanks to all the teachers and assistants for all their hard work in making this week special for everyone.

Math Competition Winners

Congratulations to our math teams who competed in the annual Sister John Norton Math Field Day at St. Thomas Aquinas on January 23rd, 2016. Over 20 catholic schools competed, with 100 students in each division.

In School Winners

8th grade.   2nd place Emily Hui and 1st Reed Tillinghast

7th grade.   2nd place Cayla Copeland and 1st Simon Villamizar


Individual Overall Winners

7th grade.   3rd place Simon Villamizar

8th grade.   5th place Emily Hui

3rd place Reed Tillinghast



7th grade 3rd place St. Gregory

8th grade 3rd place St. Gregory


Our 7th grade team

Johnny Corbett

Cayla Copeland

Nicholas Huber

Juan Serrano

Justin Toth

Simon Villamizar


Our 8th grade team

Kaia Fazio

Erin Grilliot

Alexandra Huber

Emily Hui

Samuel Rincon

Reed Tillinghast


History Fair Winners

Congratulations  to this year’s history fair winners.  The 1st place students will attend the Broward county fair the end of February to see if they will advance to the state fair in May.  Our school winners are as follows:

1st place- 8th Grade- Abby Day & Emily Hui
2nd place-8th Grade- Sandy Denis & Mayumi Porto
3rd place- 8th Grade- a tie between Daniel Trethwey
And the group Maria Latasa
                         Isabella Elias
                         Isabella Martinez
1st place-7th grade- Felicia Taylor
2nd place- A tie between Savannah Courtenay
And the group Roberto Huayamave
                        Alex Moussa
                        Giana-Luca Estebanez
3rd place- a tie between Daniela Dominguez
                                        Lillian Krause

Spelling Bee Winners

Winners of the Spelling Bee: First and Second Grade Division First Place – Jessica Loren – 2nd Grade Second Place – Connor Harrington – 2nd Grade Third Place – Katalin Bazzani – 2nd Grade Elementary School Division First Place – Max Pannell 5B Second Place – Luca Espinosa 4C Third Place – Halley Tang 4B Middle School Division First Place – Rachel Boyan 7A Second Place – Felicia Taylor 7B Third Place – Sara Fernandez DeCastro 8B Thank you to our moderators: Mrs. Rogers and Mrs.Troha. Special thanks to Mrs. Taylor, our Judge.