Results From First Annual Monsignor Noel Fogarty Math Competition

On Wednesday evening we held the final round of the First Annual Monsignor Noel Fogarty Math Competition for grades 6-8. Congratulations to all of the students who made it to the final round. The winners are:
Grade 6
Honorable mention   Cyrus Kell and Noah Rodriguez
3rd place                     Sasha Cartagena
2nd place                   Max Pannell
1st place                   Liam Connor
Grade 7
Honorable mention.   Nicholas Sadaka and Ella Tillinghast
 3rd place                    Kamryn DuQuesnay
2nd place                    Chase Garey
1st place                     Ari Serrao
Grade 8
Honorable mention    Nicholas Huber and Justin Toth
3rd place                      Cayla Copeland
2nd place                     Simon Villamizar
1st place                    Jonathan Hall