Broward County District Literary Fair Winners!

lit fairOn May 17, 2017 four of St. Gregory’s finest writers participated in the Broward County District Literary Fair held at Broward Center for Performing Arts. There were over 960 entries and this event was open to all public and private schools in Broward County. The following St. Gregory the Great students were honored at the presentation, and presented with the following awards:

Myth: Madilene Lauder – 8th grade – 1st Place

Personal Narrative: Madilene Lauder – 8th grade- 1st Place

Short Story: Maria Martone – 8th grade – 1st Place

Scene Writing: Riley Boerger – 8th grade – 2nd Place

Ekphrastic Poetry: Mia Orris – 7th grade – 1st Place!

Congratulations! We are so proud of you!