Photos From May Crowning, Monsignor Fogarty 1st Annual Math Competition, and Leadership Mass


We are in the process of migrating our website’s Photo Gallery from one server to another (to be completed over the summer). In the meantime, we wanted to share some pictures from events during the month of May.

May Crowning (May 1, 2017)

Monsignor Fogarty 1st Annual Math Competition (May 10, 2017)

Leadership School Mass (May 11, 2017)


We wish to thank our dedicated volunteers who ran the fabulous 24th Annual Golf Tournament on May 5th. Our Chairpersons, Johanna Weidinger, Michelle Juskiewicz, and Carmen Arroyo-Melendez, did an outstanding job! We thank our players, sponsors and volunteers for their attendance and support for such a worthy cause! All funds raised go to the Endowed Scholarship Fund!


CHAMINADE-MADONNA HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLASTIC COMPETITION Chaminade-Madonna High School held a Scholastic competition for 6th and 7th graders. They competed in all subject areas and in Music, Art, and Drama. We are proud to announce the following St. Gregory Winners: Math: 6th grade: Max Pannell 3rd place Liam Connor 2nd place 7th grade: Isabella Troccoli 2nd place Ari Serrao 1st place English 6th grade: Avani Onore 3rd place 7th grade: Amanda Loren 2nd place Science 7th grade: Kamryn Du Quesnay 1st place Theology 6th grade: Marin Cooper 3rd place Rebecca Gonzalez 1st place 7th grade: Victoria Landron 1st place Music 6th grade: Nico Wellons 2nd place Connie Phelan 1st place Art 6th grade: Sharon Liu 3rd place Drama 7th grade: Morgan Vaught 2nd place French 6th grade: Elisa Prodhomme 2nd place Spanish 6th grade: Juan Fernandez 2nd place

Monsignor Noel Fogarty First Annual Math Competition

From 1991 until his retirement in 2011, Monsignor Fogarty was our pastor at St. Gregory the Great School and Parish. He loved the school, especially interacting with our students in classrooms, at mass and at outside events. Monsignor strongly believed in developing our children from an early age both spiritually and intellectually. As such, he was an advocate in promoting our involvement in academic competitions around the nation, especially in mathematics. It is befitting that a challenging mathematics competition honor his memory and promote excellence in Catholic Education. All sixth, seventh and eighth grade students from St. Gregory will have an opportunity to compete in this competition. The final round of the competition will be held in the gym on May 10th. Through the generosity of parishioners we will be awarding 2017-2018 tuition scholarships to the top 3 winners at each grade level: 1 st place $300, 2nd place $200 and 3rd place $100. In addition we will place the names of all first place winners on a school trophy. All families are welcome to attend.


Join your friends for an afternoon of fun and fellowship to benefit our Endowed Scholarship Fund, which helps school families in financial need to provide a Catholic education for their children. Come out and enjoy lunch and play the beautiful Lago Mar Country Club course. After the event, we will have dinner and the award celebration. You can still sign up and join our list of Sponsors including: Grand Sponsor: Paul and Carol Coyle Dinner: BHIII LLC Real Estate Investment Group/ Phelan Family Luncheon Sponsor: Anonymous Cocktail Party Sponsor: Bokampers Restaurant Towel Sponsor: Available Hole-In-One Sponsor: Massey Yardley Signature Sponsor: Available Day of Sponsors: Arroyo Family, Peter Weidinger State Farm, Donna & Tim Wells, Lambiro Family, County Line Chiropractic

Florida State Junior Thespian

In February, the St. Gregory’s Thespian Troupe #88759 attended the Florida State Junior Thespian Festival. They participated in many events ranging from solo musical and pantomimes to duet acting scenes and monologues. The following students won awards: Anna Liendo – monologue – superior Morgan Vaught – monologue – superior Bianca Weston – solo musical – superior Nico Wellons/Connie Phelan – duet musical – superior Isa Quevedo/Natalie Farver – duet musical – superior Abby Stankus/Connie Phelan – pantomime – superior Maria Martone/Riley Boerger- scene writing superior and CRITICS CHOICE Mackenzie Lerner – monologue – excellent Lilly Krause – make-up design – superior Large group musical – superior Participants in large group musical: Abby Stankus Connie Phelan Nico Wellons Bianca Weston Rebecca Gonzalez Morgan Vaught Laura Cullen Grace Devine Mackenzie Lerner Valentina Olson Riley Boerger Victoria Landron Mya Nasowicz Isa Quevedo Maria Soto Kasey Steele